5 Tips to Consider While Buying a Generator in Kenya

Are you planning to buy a generator? The tips in this article will make your shopping experience better and less time-consuming. You will learn the tricks to apply to ensure your next generator purchase is excellent.


Generators are a great source of backup power. They are useful in construction sites, outdoor events, and as a backup in homes or offices. Before buying a generator that suits your needs, there are key things to consider.

Let us look at the 5 tips to consider while buying a generator.


You need to check the maximum output power that the generator can support. Generators have two types of output; the rated output and the maximum output. The maximum output is the maximum power it can generate for a short time. Rated output is the power the generator can produce while used continuously.

Check out the wattage your selected generator can produce and see if it suits your needs. If you just require a generator for lighting your house, one with low-watt units is okay. High-watt units are used to power large buildings, construction sites, etc.

The prices of generators in Kenya may be directly affected by the power the generator can produce/generate.

Generator Safety System

Generators, just like other power sources can cause more harm than good. You need to consider the various installed systems in the generator that guarantees your safety and those of machines/appliances plugged in. An ideal generator should:

  • Display warnings like malfunctions
  • Have a power management system
  • Be programmable- scheduled switch on and off
  • Have a good cooling system


The size of a generator matter. You need to consider the available space you have to keep your generator. Choose a generator that perfectly fits in the designated space. Just because a generator is big, does not mean that it is better. You can find a smaller-sized generator with more horsepower (HP) than a bigger one.

Fuel-tank Capacity/Efficiency

You don’t want to keep refilling your fuel tank every 30 minutes, do you? Choosing a generator with a large tank size is the way to go. It’s key to note that the bigger the generator, the huge the capacity of the tank.

Fuel is expensive and a good generator should efficiently consume fuel. Nowadays, due to technological innovations, it is possible to get a generator that runs longer and uses lesser fuel. Before making your purchase, ensure you have the right information on the fuel usage of the generator.

When it comes to considering the prices of generators in Kenya, one must keep consider the fuel consumption too. A cheap generator might end up turning more expensive due to its exaggerated fuel consumption rate.


Generators can produce noise while running. You need to consider purchasing a generator that produces as little noise as possible. If you are buying a generator to use at home, ensure it is as quiet as possible.

Another thing to consider while buying a generatoris the exhaust system. Generators producing a lot of smoke are not ideal. Choose a generator from a manufacturer that produces Tier 4 complaisant generators. These are generators that emit gases that are less harmful to the environment and also people.

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Having a generator means you are never out of power. Before making your purchase, consider the tips in this article. Use these tips to buy a generator that not only suits your needs but also is friendly to the environment. For more information, visit

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