10 Ways To Support A Friend Undergoing A Divorce Process

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Divorce is difficult for any person, but it can be especially hard on a friend going through the proceedings. It is important to remember that friends going through a divorce require a certain level of support in order to get them through this process. Divorce lawyers specialize in divorce cases and want to help their clients with the process. For more information, click

Here are 10 ways you can support your friend during their divorce:

1) Listen

Often, when going through a tough experience, people feel overwhelmed and want someone to listen without offering advice or trying to make it better. While they might not say anything at first, they will likely appreciate all the time you are willing to give them in order for them to talk about how they are feeling.

2) Give advice with an open mind

Although it can be hard, try not to offer advice when your friend is confiding in you immediately. Instead let the person know that they have your support and then ask them if they would like some advice. This will allow them to ask you what would be best for their particular situation and will allow them to take in your advice without having it forced on them.

3) Let the person vent

When people are upset they often need to get things off their chest, so let your friend do this even if it may seem like they won’t stop talking about why they are upset. By doing this, it can help relieve some of the stress related to their divorce.

4) Be understanding with regards to finances

Money is likely tight when someone is going through a divorce, so do not expect any extravagant or unnecessary gifts at this time. Just knowing that you care is enough during these times and you don’t want money issues adding to the divorce stresses.

5) Be willing to watch the kids

If your friend needs time to themselves, be willing to help out by watching their children. Although they may have family or friends who are able to do this for them, oftentimes they simply want some time alone so don’t hesitate if you are asked to babysit.

6) Help with paperwork and financial matters

At least one person in a divorce is usually overwhelmed with getting things organized so it can be helpful if you offer to assist with any paperwork related items such as filing documents or making doctor’s appointments. Also being involved in the financial aspects, whether it is checking bank statements online, collecting mail from banks or making sure bills are paid on time can also be very helpful.

7) Be flexible with your friend’s new dating life

Although you may feel uneasy about it, if your friend is in the process of moving on from their marriage try to be supportive and encouraging of their new relationship, even though it makes you uncomfortable. After all they deserve some happiness after going through such a difficult time.

8) Keep them company when house hunting

When someone gets divorced they are often looking for a smaller place that better suits their needs, so being willing to help them find places within their budget can be helpful. Even if you aren’t able to do much physically, just showing up to look around with them will let them know that you are there for support.


9) Assist with doing errands or buying groceries

When people are going through difficult times they often forget little things like buying groceries or doing laundry, so be willing to help them out by picking up items on their shopping list after work or taking care of the laundry if possible.

10) Be there for social occasions

Although it can be awkward to attend events where either their ex will be present, your friend might feel comforted knowing you are willing to go along with them. Just let them know that you are available whenever they would like you to go somewhere if they don’t want to go alone. Just being there is usually enough help for someone who is going through a tough time


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